Jacksonville, FL

It seems like we just got back to Marathon, and now we need to leave again. Our van is still in Fernandina Beach and we have plans to be in Chicago and Mackinac Island in July. We also want to see Greg in Jacksonville and Alicia, Jeff, Jackson and Oliver in Charlotte.

We rent a car in Marathon and I pack it up while Fran gets her hair done. We get underway about noon time. Traffic is a heavy and there are scattered storms on the way up to Jacksonville. We get to the hotel in Jacksonville around 6:30pm.

Greg meets us at the hotel. He is on a four-month internship in Jacksonville and lives 10 minutes away.

We have to move all of our luggage and our dog, Sandy, to the hotel room. It is on the fourth floor and it takes us two trips, with a dolly.

Next we have to drop our rental car off at the airport. It is about 30 minutes away and we need to fill up the gas tank on the way.

Greg picks us up after we turn the car in. We go to the Salty Pelican, in Fernandina Beach for dinner. This a very cool restaurant, on the water-front in historic downtown Fernandina Beach.

After dinner Greg drops us off at the marina. Our van starts right up. We drive back to the hotel (about 45 minutes).

It has been a long day. But we got everything accomplished that we wanted. It was good to see Greg and we had a great meal. Tomorrow we will get up in time for the free breakfast, pack the van and drive to Alicia’s house. Then on to Chicago on the 17th. I am crewing on my friend, Dick’s boat for the Chicago to Mackinac Island race on the 19th. My friends Joel and Robert are crewing as well. The race should take about three days.

Fran will ride up to Mackinac Island with Angela and Brandy. Then on the 23rd there will be a big party for Dick’s 75th birthday. After the party we will rent a car and drive back to Chicago. There we will spend time visiting with my parents, sisters and their families.



Pork Shoulder, Ribs, Chicken and Bacon


While we were off cruising Robert and Joel got a fire-box added to the smoker. Our first test is a pork shoulder, four slabs of ribs, six chickens and bacon.

For one of the sides we make potato salad. We try to recall the recipe that “Fudge Man” used. We modify it slightly and all pitch in so we name it Village Potato Salad.

The smoker works great. Next is brisket for July 4th. The last three pieces of brisket are big so we start them around 4:00am. We also make breakfast sandwiches. We try to fry eggs on top of the fire-box, but it is not hot enough. We do smoke the bacon. We also make Village Potato Salad and other sides.