February Road Trip

We are babysitting in North Carolina. We decide to take our RV. We plan to take our time going up there, stopping four times. We don’t have any definite stops in mind,. We will play it by ear as we go. We will get there on the 23rd and park the RV for five nights while we stay with Jackson and Oliver.

After that we will go through New Bern, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach to visit family.

Florida City, FL

Our first stop is Florida City. We don’t get very far today because there is a lot of traffic due to the nautical flea market at Founders Park. We get to Southern Comfort RV Park by 5:00 PM.

It’s Saturday night and there are lots of people at the Tiki Bar. We walk over there and buy a pitcher of Bud Light for $8, which is cheaper than two glasses.

St. Augustine, FL

On Sunday we drive to Compass RV in ST. Augustine. There is a Dollar General store within walking distance. We get some provisions.

The next day we drive to Camping World in St. Augustine and buy lots of goodies for the RV.

St. Matthews, SC

We drive to Sweetwater Lake Campground. It is empty. We pick a site and deposit our fee in the drop-box.

Sweetwater Lake Campground
Sweetwater Lake Campground

This is a beautiful park on a lake. There is nobody here.  We find a fairly level spot that is close enough to plug-in to the electric. One other RV comes in after us.

Rock Hill, SC

We stop at Ebenezer State park in Rock Hill, SC. We 45 minutes from Alicia’s. We consider parking the RV on Alicia’s street, but decide to park it here for $26 a night.

Jackson stays on the RV with us for one night. We have a campfire and cook hot-dogs and marshmallows.

We leave the RV parked for four days while we babysit in Tega Cay.

Ernul, NC

We have a great time babysitting, but its time to move on. Our next stop is James’s house in Ernul, which is outside of New Bern, NC. There is a lot of Sunday traffic. We stop for gas at 7:00 PM and get some Bojangles chicken.

We stay in Ernul for five nights. We go through our storage unit, we call “Olson Manor” and find things for the RV, children and trash. We also have a great time visiting with James. We have plugged into his electricity, filled with his water and dumped our black and gray water in his sewer.

Wilmington, NC

We drive to Shannon’s house and park the RV in her driveway. Gracie and Lawton spend the night in the RV with us.

On Saturday we go to Gracie’s and Lawton’s soccer games. Erika and Steve come over with Johnny and we order pizza or dinner.

Fran and Johnny in the RV
Fran and Johnny in the RV

Myrtle Beach, SC

On Sunday we drive to Myrtle Beach Travel Park. The campground is pricey, but it is right on the beach. We imagine it is a great place in the summer.

Beach at Myrtle Beach Travel Park
Beach at Myrtle Beach Travel Park

Ryan and Audrey come by, but Ryan has to work so they can’t stay. They come by the next morning and we go out to breakfast.

Townsend, GA

We drive to Harmony Lake RV Park. It is a nice campground. With our Good Sam card we get a site or $32.

Tampa Bay, FL

We drive to General RV.  We need some work done on the RV and the parts they ordered have come in. They tell us to come back in the morning. We go to Camping World, Walmart and Publix. Then back to General RV to boondock in the parking lot.

They next ay we are first in line for service. They fix our headlight, table leg and locks. We pull out at 1:00 PM.

Big Cypress National Preserve

We drive to Midway campground. They are full so we drive back to Monument Lake campground. It is cheaper but has no electric, water or dump station.

The next morning we drive back to Midway campground to dump our black and gray water. Then we head back to Marathon.

Marathon, FL

We have been gone 18 days. We had a great time, but now its time to put the RV in storage for a couple of months until our next RV adventure.

Here is a link to a Google Map showing the stops for this trip.