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Paddle Boarding

IMG_0756.JPG (3)
Ron on Paddle Board
Fran on Paddle Board
Fran on Paddle Board

We try out my new paddle board today. It is an inflatable from Sea Eagle. I chose the 14′ needle nose model with kayak seat and paddle options. We bring it to Beatty’s Ford park, in Denver, NC. Jackson plays in the playground with Mom and Grandma while I inflate it. Then they join me while I try paddle boarding for the first time.

I paddle around on my knees at first. The paddle board wants to go in a straight line, but I figure out that I can turn by paddling backwards.  I go close to shore and stand up. I have to lengthen the adjustable paddle to reach the water. I don’t go very far before my legs start getting tired from balancing. I go back in and let Fran try it.

She starts out on her knees and then stands up, like I did. When her legs start getting tired, she kneels down again.

When she comes back I inflate the seat and try kayaking. It is easy to paddle in a straight line but hard to turn. I go back to shore and remove the slide-in skeg. Now it turns like kayaks I have used before. Fran tries kayaking too.

Then we deflate the paddle board and seat and put everything back in the van. It went well for our first time paddle boarding. The 14′ needle nose is very big and heavy. Fran decides that she would like to try the 11′ long board model for herself.

Happy Easter

Fran and I are still in Charlotte, waiting for our next grandchild. We didn’t plan things this way, but it is nice  to spend Easter with some family. The Easter Bunny came and Jackson got a T-Ball set, an airplane and lots of candy.

We had a huge spiral ham for dinner. Looks like we will be having left-overs for the next few days. But that’s  okay because we have stuff to make bean soup.

It was raining this morning, so we hid eggs inside, but it cleared up and we went outside later.

It was a great day and we were happy to spend it with some family.