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1I started the Questeria.info website in 2005, shortly after purchasing Questeria.   I wanted to share our experiences as new boaters, but also wanted to learn how to build a website from scratch. I wrote most of the source in HTML using the VIM editor, but I wrote some of the pages, like the journals,  in Microsoft Word, and saved them as HTML. The website, itself, was hosted on an old PC, running Linux, and was sitting in a spare bedroom of my house in Raleigh, NC. When we started getting ready to sell our house and move aboard Questeria, I realized this would not work, so I started hosting the website on ipower.com.

I kept the website up to date until 2009, and then I slacked-off and didn’t make many updates.  I retired in 2012 and after about a year I made time to update the website again.

One of the first things I did was rewrite all the html code to re-size based on screen width. I also added new photos and entered information from my log book into journals 4 and 5.

In March of 2014 we started a trip from the FL keys to NC, so I started Journal 6, using Microsoft Word. I tried to make the journal more “blog-like” than the others, but I quickly realized some of the limitations. It is difficult to update; Every time I made a change, I had to upload the main file plus every file in the folder that Word uses. Also, nobody could comment on an entry.

I discovered WordPress. I saw it was easy to install on my existing website, so I decided to try it. It should be easier to make updates, I can even send updates by email, from my phone. Readers can make comments and I can even categorize my posts. So here it is, let me know what you think.


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