Summer 2017

We started planning our summer RV trip early in the year. Plans started with our yearly trip to Chicago in July. We will stay in Camp Reinberg, in Palatine IL. Its location, between my mom and two sisters’ homes is perfect for us. We booked it for the week of July 4th.

On the way up we plan to stop in Chattanooga, TN to see our friends, Gary and Ellen. Next we plan to visit Fran’s brother in Athens, TN. After that we think it will be fun to stop in Nashville and Bardstown KY for a few days.

After Chicago we will head to our annual Family Beach Week in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. This is a time for family when all of our six children, their spouses or significant others and our six grandchildren get together and have a wonderful time. We rent a house on the beach so we will park the RV at James’s house for the week.

From there we will visit Greg, in New York City and Adam and Ava, in Boston. As long as we are going that far north we thought we’d go to Maine and see our friends, Jim, Doug and Karen.

That plan takes most of the summer, but we want more. We plan to go to Taos, New Mexico in September to go to the Big Barn Dance. We will stop in Santa Fé for Zozobra before that.

We find out that Shannon and Alicia are coming to Marathon in June. So we add ten days to the beginning of our RV plans for the summer of 2017.

Good Sam Club Trip Planner
Good Sam Club Trip Planner

Our plans are getting so large we need to use a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. We end up with 37 entries in our spreadsheet. For route planning we start using the Good Sam Trip Planner. Later, we buy a Garmin RV 770-LMT-S GPS. It includes a trip planner, so we transfer the routes and stops to the GPS.

Garmin RV 770 LMT-S
Garmin RV 770 LMT-S

We book some of the campgrounds, like Palatine IL and Nashville TN, ahead of time. Most of them we will wait and book when we get there.

We have a nice, busy summer planned.