Weekenders in Key Biscayne
Weekenders in Key Biscayne

We made it back.  On Sunday we crossed from Cat Cay to Key Biscayne. It went pretty well. We put up our sails. We had a beam reach at first, but then the wind clocked around almost behind us so we pulled in the jib.

We anchored in Biscayne Bay at 5:15pm. There were lots of weekend partiers there, but they left after a while.

track20150510.kmz (Download and open in Google Earth)

On Monday we started out toward Angelfish cut. The wind was good for sailing so we actually shut off the motor.

When we got to Angelfish cut the wind had increased to 22 knots and was blowing from the east. We decided we would be more comfortable if we stayed in the bay.

It was a long day, but we made it to a mooring ball at Shell Key at 7:15pm.

track20150511.kmz (Download and open in Google Earth)

On Tuesday we started off at 6:45am and motored under the Channel 5 bridge. The we proceeded down Hawk Channel to Bonefish Marina. We had following seas and put out the jib so we made good time. We got to the marina at 11:00am.

track20150512.kmz (Download and open in Google Earth)

We’ve been back a couple of days trying to catch up on things. We had a great time in the Bahamas and plan to go again. Once we get caught up we will post some pictures.


Almost Home

Sunset at Bahamas Bank
Sunset at Bahamas Bank

Today (Saturday May 9) we anchored in Cat Cay. We spent most of the last three days traveling from Highborne Cay to Nassau and then to Cat Cay. We tried to put up some sails, but the wind was light so we ran the engine the whole time. Tomorrow morning we will cross the Gulfstream and be back in FL. We should be back in Marathon on Tuesday.

We had a great time, but it will be nice to get home.

track20150508.kmz (Download and open in Google Earth)

track20150509.kmz (Download and open in Google Earth)

Highborne Cay

We left Warderick Wells and the Exuma Land and Sea Park today. The weather was pretty good for motoring (no wind and flat seas) until we got to the anchorage. Then it started to rain and the wind and seas picked up. We waited until things calmed down a little and then dropped our dinghy and headed to the marina. We dropped off our trash and recyclables and bought some groceries. It was a productive day.

Tomorrow we will head to Nassau and should cross the gulf stream on Sunday to Biscayne Bay.

track20150506.kmz (Download and open in Google Earth)

Rain, rain go away

Sunset at Warderick Wells
Sunset at Warderick Wells

We were planning to start heading north today. We have been here, in Warderick Wells, for over a week now. We expected the weather to start getting better by now, but when we got up this morning it started to rain. We got thunder and lightning and wind gusts to 31 knots. I guess this is unusual weather for the Bahamas. The person who gives the weather on the VHF radio said she hasn’t seen it rain for this many days in 30 years.

The rain did stop. We got to the beach and floated in our noodle chairs. We should be able to get out of here early tomorrow.

Waiting For Weather

Happy Hour at Warderick Wells
Happy Hour at Warderick Wells

We are still in Warderick Wells, one of favorite spots, waiting for the weather to improve before we start heading home. We came here a week ago because we knew it was well protected from the west winds we are seeing. Then a cold front came through and we had a few days of rainy, squally weather. Now the cold front is south of us and it has stalled. We are seeing some clouds and lots of wind. The front is supposed to move back and give us some more rainy squally weather and then move out of the area.

It isn’t all bad. The salt has been rinsed off our boat, we have a nice cool breeze (almost too cool), and we have met a lot of interesting people.

Problems and Work-Arounds

Shark at Warderick Wells
Shark at Warderick Wells

As expected, we have had some problems since we left for the Bahamas. We consider most of them minor. Such as our shower head breaking. We use our solar shower. Our engine was running hot and we seemed to remedy that by cleaning our heat exchanger. Our watermaker leaks, we put a coffee can under it.

Our dinghy motor always was a problem. I worked on it before we left (I even painted it) and it has been working great… until last Saturday. We anchored the dinghy in Shroud Cay to go snorkeling. When we got back it wouldn’t crank. We were over a mile away from Questeria. Some nice cruisers saw us and towed us back in their dinghy. The next day was so rough that we couldn’t pull up the dinghy so we towed it behind us to Warderick Wells.

When we got to Warderick Wells it was a mess. We cleaned it up and tried to start it, but no luck. I pulled out the book and started troubleshooting it with an ohmmeter. It looked like the ignition coil was shot. There’s no place to get a new one around here.

We decided that we couldn’t make it worse, so we tore it apart. The plug wires are integrated into the coil. We tore them out and even cut the insulation on one to see how it worked. We cleaned connections with contact cleaner, Q-tips, toothpicks and small brushes. Then we put it back together with electrical tape. We checked it with an ohmmeter. It was still out of spec, but much better than before.

It took us a few days to put it back in. Partly because of bad weather, but mostly because we didn’t expect it to work. We tried it today. Surprise!!! It started on the second pull. It seems to like us again. Maybe it was the new paint.